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Company Profile

TCS is a leading provider of highly flexible financial management software that powers mid-sized businesses.


Our mission is to maximise the business success of our customers through the installation, maintenance, and support of superior financial management software solutions.


We have set a number of strategic and tactical objectives that reflect our mission, aim and collective goals:

  • to establish the company as the best global organization for large-scale deployment of financial management software solutions on the Caché platform.
  • to establish a fully object-oriented component based application, which will enable us to deliver robust software quicker and more efficiently than any competitor.
  • to ensure that customers can operate their business software solutions on infrastructures that match their needs.

  • With a focus on the customer, we have the business and accounting skills necessary to understand and implement the structure best suited to the customers needs.
  • With a focus on InterSystems Caché, we have the technical expertise to implement the latest innovations to ensure the maximum return on investment.
  • Our people are our biggest asset, and at TCS we have individuals who combine skills, backgrounds and cultures to provide a cohesive and outstanding team.

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