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Our Customers

Our customers include businesses involved in a variety of industries and markets throughout the world. We have customers who are leading providers of high performance database systems, importers and distributors of leading truck brands, large inventory databases with nation-wide warehousing requirements, and freight industry specific companies that required features like contract maintenance, automatic recurring billing profiles and so on. Customers are based in countries including New Zealand, Australia, United States and the UK. For contact details of an appropriate customer or customer list to discuss their ORCA Financial implementation, please register your contact details with us at sales@orcabytcs.com

Foundation Customers

The following customers all played a vital part in the development of this highly flexible software package and provided many ideas and features in the current release today. We welcome the challenge of representing today's real world business model and look forward to future contributions from all of our customers.

Intersystems Corporation
Intersystems, a leading provider of high performance database systems, has implemented ORCA Financial and is running it worldwide.

Truck Investments Ltd.
Truck, importers and distributors of leading truck brands, uses the vehicle distribution functionality of ORCA Financial to better manage its business

Chevpac Machinery Ltd.
Chevpac has a large inventory database and benefits from the rapid transaction processing capabilities and minimal hardware requirements of ORCA Financial

The Moving Company Ltd.
ORCA Financial offers the specific functionality that the freight industry demands


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