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ORCA Hospitality

ORCA Hospitality

TCS have developed an industry specific package for use in the hospitality industry. This type of installation is supplied with a pre-defined ledger and reporting structure suitable for the industry.  Additional functionality supplied for the industry includes Trust Accounting and an Integration Interface package for communication with other approved software packages such as the Clarity Hospitality Software range.

ORCA Hospitality: Overview

Our Reseller Partner for this market is Total Hospitality Solutions Ltd who are a leading software provider to the hospitality industry with products such as Clarity Hotel Manager and Clarity Event manager. Products from TCS and Total Hospitality Solutions can be installed on a single Caché installation or stand alone with seamless synchronisation.




The freight industry requires specific features within an application to make the most of day to day business excellence. Some of these features are...

  • The ability to create and bill sales, service and storage
        contracts in a timely fashion.
  • The ability to automate regular procedures and/or repetitive
        tasks as recurring processes for ease of operation.
  • Vehicle Distribution

    Cars Critical to any 'wholegoods' manufacture or customisation is the ability to control work flow through the use of project and job control. There are also the requirements to be able to easily apply bills of material or 'Build' structures to parts and components stock as well as incorporate services supplied from within or outside the organisation. Currently implemented through the manufacturing, sales and service arms required by the vehicle industry, ORCA Financial provides a suite of functionality including electronic interfaces for warranty modules and 'Cost Sheet' analysis at branch (i.e. retail) or head office (i.e. wholesale) level.

    ORCA Financial has achieved this through a variety of functions from job and inventory control to timesheet entry and the fully integrated purchasing module.

    Specialised Industry Module: Vehicle Management

    WarehouseWarehouse Management

    The ORCA Financial application has a fully functional inventory system which is integrated with the general ledger. All of the standard transactional analysis and drill-down capability offered on any GL account is inherited and available on inventory and warehouse accounts. A user-definable selection allows on-line query browsing by inventory only, warehouse only, or both.

    Full cyclic and periodic stocktake functionality is offered along with the ability to despatch from multiple warehouses. Through utilisation of the sales and purchases modules, inter-branch (i.e. inter-warehouse) transfers are handled correctly through the use of in-transit processing methodology and offers e-mail notification options for in-house tracking.

    Specialised Industry Module: Warehouse Stock Control


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