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ORCA Product Overview

ORCA (Object Relational Caché Accounting) is TCS’s flagship product. It is the hottest fully integrated, financial management solution available to mid-sized organizations that require total data integrity and security while maintaining levels of accessibility to satisfy the needs of all users.

The ORCA application provides the commercial functionality integral to any business operation, along with additional features that enable the product to be very flexible and robust.


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Optional Industry Packages

Dot General Ledger Dot Auditing  Dot Freight

Dot Accounts Payable

Dot Payroll Process Dot Vehicle Distribution
Dot Accounts Receivable Dot Purchases Control Dot Warehouse Management
Dot Assets Dot Reporting Dot Hospitality
Dot Cash and Banking Dot Sales Control  
Dot Employee Records Dot Security Profile Management  
Dot Inventory Management Dot Timesheet Control  
Dot Job Control    
Dot Warranty Recovery and Control    
 A key differentiator of the ORCA solution is its embedded Caché database engine. Caché, the high performance database from InterSystems, provides the following advantages:
Flexibility: Caché object technology enables us to deploy in character mode, client/server, or as Web-based depending on a customer’s preference.
Customization: Caché uniquely combines robust object and relational technologies. Using object technology, we have been able to build useful and meaningful data models that form the basis for a dynamic suite of customizable financial modules.
Efficiency: Caché achieves greater throughput over your network.
Lower cost of
Caché runs faster on significantly smaller and cheaper platforms. And Caché is simple to maintain, further reducing costs.

For more information about Caché and TCS, click here.


The heart of the application is a fully transaction based object design which supports multi-company, multi-consolidation, multi-currency, multi-user and fully integrated modular and functional workflow. Some of the specific financial features are:

  • The ability to create auto-reversing journals and recurring
    journal entries at given time intervals (or on-demand).
  • Full transactional analysis with drill-down to source
    documents and transaction sets.
  • Summary information and analysis on demand.
  • Real time document processing with background job
    manager for financial transaction postings.
  • Multiple budget analysis and reporting including foreign
    currency group consolidation and reporting consolidation

Remote Access and E-Commerce

WirelessORCA has been designed to use the industry standard TCP/IP protocol for all interfaces. This avoids the need to 'install' specific software on a client machine. Multiple interface access points are offered while ensuring security profiles are enforced. Specifically, this allows for:
  • Remote management and support of ORCA systems.
  • Intranet access (staff) as users via web browser or
    terminal session.
  • Internet access (trading partners, e.g. customers) as users
    with limited security allowing product price and availability
    enquiries, order placement, etc.
  • Internet access (public at large) via dynamic HTML access
    to product catalogue and "shopping cart" functionality.
  • Automated distribution of "commercial documents", i.e.
    purchase orders, payment advices, sales invoices,
    debtor statements, etc, to suppliers and customers by internet email.

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