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Partner Programs

Our partnerships with leading technology companies help us deliver high performance business solutions for clients. We are continually seeking to embed the best technology available into our solutions. At the same time, we welcome discussions with software providers looking to embed a financial component into their packages.

Looking for an embedded Financial solution? Become an Application Partner.
ORCA Financial functions as a plug-and-play financial management application that can be readily integrated into existing software packages. By embedding financial management functionality, application partners provide increased value to customers by offering a more comprehensive business solution.

Industry specific functionality is available for the vehicle distribution, warehouse distribution, and freight industries. We are recruiting application partners for additional industry specific solutions.

ORCA Financial is less expensive to implement than competing products and requires less hardware and administration. Please contact us for more information on becoming an Application Partner.

Technology that powers TCS solutions
TCS works with best-of-breed technology suppliers to provide a top-quality solution to customers.
Partners include:
Created with CachéInterSystems Corporation
Email:  info@intersystems.com
WWW:  www.intersystems.com

InterSystems Logo
A leader in high performance databases since 1978, with 4 million users worldwide

Dimensional Insight
Email:  info@dimins.com
Sales:  sales@dimins.com
WWW:  www.dimins.com

Dimensional Insight
Dimensional Insight is the leading provider of integrated business intelligence and performance management solutions that empower information consumers throughout the enterprise with data-driven decision making abilities

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