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ORCA Financial Features Summary

Operating System

  • Alpha OpenVMS V7.2.1
  • Microsoft Windows 9x, NT4 SP4+, 2000, and XP
  • Red Hat Linux
Data Integrity
  • Three stage transactional data commit sequence.
  • Database shadowing options.
  • Cluster support.
  • On-line database backup and recovery including journal file recovery.
  • Optional independent object, print and data server configuration possible.
Application Integrity
  • Full system audit trail for all financial updates.
  • User definable audit profiles allow monitoring of Read/Write/Delete actions on all data.
  • Security profiles allow for the creation and manipulation of user groups to control application access and permissions.
User Features
  • Business to business document exchange.
  • Browser based access with full keystroke compatibility.
  • Terminal based access for most VT200+ compliant emulation.
  • ODBC/SQL access.
  • Hot-Date codes for ease of date entry, e.g. T for today, EM for end of month.
  • Hot-Calc feature allows for Excel style entry in all numeric fields, e.g. =25.50/.85.
  • Hot-Find on all lookup enabled input fields (including menus) allows for customisable data lookup, with additional
  • Hot-Key searching (type a single character to zoom to the first column occurrence).
  • Hot-Search extended search features in all list views.
  • Context sensitive hover help with extended help on <F1>.
  • Help manual browsing available with optional drill down to example report outputs and screen shots (Web only).
  • Hot-Launch for one click common menu access.
  • Personal preferences for locale settings and application behaviour.

Application Features
  • XML based web interface.
  • Document based transaction entry allowing easy correction to processed data.
  • Real time processing with financial updates controlled by background job manager.
  • Independent print manager(s) controlling detached printing through print server(s).
  • Ability to import data from existing legacy applications.
  • Independent application design allowing for software updates without loss of user specific business rules, forms, etc.
  • Unlimited user definable Caché script for all field validation and data reads, writes and deletes.
  • Unlimited user definable data fields available for site modifications.
  • Form designer allowing for unlimited creation and modification of forms. System forms supplied are available for copy.
  • Rule designer allowing for specification of business rules defining document creation phases and the financial entries consequent upon document processing.
  • Standard reports supplied using Crystal Report writer allowing for creation and modification of additional or custom versions.
  • Hot-Graph allowing for the direct graphical presentation of data, e.g. account summary data.
  • Custom number range suite allowing for generated account numbers and all document generation.
  • Unlimited user notes on all accounts and documents.
  • Hot-Sync allowing for synchronising of data between companies within a given domain.
  • Inter-Company processing tasks may be automated for convenience.
  • Unlimited account indexes for query selection.
  • Multiple language specifications allowing global implementation. Multiple language display for all form and menu prompts and help, and support for multiple language names on most data objects, e.g. accounts, codes, etc.
  • Multiple currency definitions allowing global implementation.
  • Multiple date format specifications allowing global implementation.
  • HTML or Excel exposure and auto-email feature of all reports for off-line viewing.
  • Full interface functionality with Direct Access, Web, ODBC/SQL, ActiveX, Java.
  • Full object design with published object library and application API's.

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