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Inventory Management

  • Card and list view maintenance capabilities for ease of data entry.
  • User definable inventory groups allowing for analysis and processing by category.
  • User definable inventory break level control, e.g. batch, lot and/or serial number control.
  • Tariff classifications and import duty rates.
  • Build capability provides for stocked and non-stocked component assembly structures.
  • User definable catalogue structure for product promotional documentation, etc.
  • Optional image store for graphical representation of product.
  • Full pricing module with unlimited price codes and base formulae.
  • User definable discount structures at group and/or individual product level.
  • Default mass price update function.
  • Reporting capabilities focus on aspects independent of the physical quantity holdings maintained at warehouse level, and include listings of prices, analyses of both pricing and discounting structures, and schedules of catalogue material including product images and specifications.
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