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Investor Statement Example

  • The Investor Statements report option provides the capability for producing selective reports on the revenues and expenses for investor owned properties at a specified date.
  • The values reported are derived from the financial reporting composite structure that accumulates ledger account balances.
  • The presentation may be tailored to requirements through the use of formats defined by operating report codes.
  • The statements are produced at the analysis account level that identifies each individual property.
  • The statements incorporate both current month and financial year to date information in regard to actual, budget and variance values, optionally accompanied by variance percentages.
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Buyer Generated Tax Invoice Example

  • The Buyer Purchase Invoice Print option provides the capability for printing buyer generated tax invoices and credit notes.
  • They may be printed, for a specified control account and date, as a consolidated group for each supplier, optionally within postcodes, or in invoice number sequence.
  • The production of the document formats is preceded by a summary or control report, listing the documents produced and the output type, i.e. print, fax or email, applicable for each.
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