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Warehouse Stock Control

  • As descendants of inventory, common warehouse attributes may be inherited from parent data on a user definable basis, e.g. product descriptions, pricing, etc.
  • Default reordering scenario focused on minimum/maximum replenishment criteria.
  • Full ABC analysis through user definable parameters.
  • Cyclic (ABC), periodic or manual stocktake functionality.
  • Ad-hoc adjustments capability for on hand balance corrections between stocktakes.
  • Inter-warehouse movements capability for immediate (ie. same vicinity) stock transfers.
  • Inter-warehouse transfers incorporating full in-transit processing with Internet email notification of events.
  • Source document drilldown (security permitting) from the current status list, which includes quote, order, ship and invoice states for sales and purchases.
  • Reporting capabilities include listings of inventory item quantity and value balances, listings of transaction details, and analytical reports focusing on inventory ageing, inactive items, re-order requirements, gross margin analysis, and sales and purchases histories.
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